Chemically manufactured small molecules are the classic active drug substance that continues to be the "engine of growth" in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the IMS report small molecules share of the global oncology market had increased to 53% and biologics had declined to 47%.

ChemSupport AS via Clearsynth offers custom synthesis services to comprehensive list of small molecules that includes active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, drug intermediates, drug metabolites, analytical standards, reference standards and certified reference materials, chemical intermediates, chemical standards, and pharmaceutical impurities.

We can synthesize a wide variety of fine chemicals and compounds for small molecule drug discovery from milligram to multi-kilo scale.Custom synthesis of small molecules and fine chemicals is central to small molecule screening and small molecule drug development.

Scientists in our modern analytical labs routinely design processes to produce materials in excess of 98% HPLC purity. We can easily adapt to meet your specific quality specifications. Whether your project requires milligram quantities or kilogram quantities, we can meet your needs. We handle challenging synthesis projects and are committed to responsiveness.