IPR Practices    

ChemSupport AS will not offer products at respective locations where the product are enjoying patents, and strictly adhere to Intellectual property rights and honors it. 

Building strategic relationships in contract manufacturing / Custom Synthesis means having clear procedures and policies regarding confidentiality. All technology packages and transfers are not created equal. Well-planned and detailed ones with plenty of interchange between functional representatives work great, ChemSupport AS ensures clarity in its operations. For example, if your company has a drug discovery you believe has a huge market potential, you need a contractor who will absolutely protect your intellectual property. The contract manufacturer should review with you their confidentiality agreement and define the exact nature of your project's confidentiality requirements. 

In addition, provisions for the return of proprietary materials at the end of the project should be spelled out completely. Of course, if a customer has a patented process they want the contract manufacturer to employ, the patent protects the owner of the technology. Typically, if the customer wants the contract manufacturer to use their patented process, there is a license granted in the contract that allows the contract manufacturer to practice for the specific purpose of making product for the customer over the length of the contract. 

But the license grants no rights beyond that period. The issue of intellectual property becomes challenging and even more important when the contract manufacturer makes improvements to proprietary technology owned by the customer. Questions arise such as: Who owns those improvements and who can use the improvements and where? The contract should have a very comprehensive intellectual property section to deal with that issue. 

At ChemSupport AS, our confidentiality agreements typically include specific provisions for sending all confidential information to one named person within our business. Patented products available solely for uses reasonably related to the development and submission of information under a Federal Law 35 USC 271(e).

Safety And Environmental Protection Policy    

ChemSupport AS is committed to the 'Safety & Environmental protection policy', and truly believes that by strict adherence to these depicted policies, we can avoid any accidents/damages either to the personnel or environment during any of our Business Process, which is very much an achievable goal.

This is our responsibility to ensure environmental protection and safety of our employees and fellow human beings. They form the basis for successful industrial implementation of customer projects.

Community Development    

ChemSupport AS is firmly committed to its Social Responsibility Process (SRP) and considers Human and Social Development as an integral part of its working process, aiming to make a difference in people's lives. We believe that it is a 'continuous' process and not just a program.

Our Company delivers the SRP with unstilted support - a motivational factor of higher-end Human needs of every individual, to make them aware that they are part of an effort that is intended to create a positive difference in the lives of the under-privileged.

ChemSupport AS sees itself as a Catalyst of change, which will foster, develop and promote initiatives at the individual, group and organization levels that attempt sustainable development of surroundings by individuals, groups and the society at large.