Full-time-equivalent (FTE) - a flat monthly rate which can be cost effective for larger scope projects

FTE assignments at Clearsynth are conducted by Ph.D. scientist working full time on the project. we provide the client with a project team dedicated to the client's needs for a specified period of time at a fixed rate per FTE and generally involve complex or longer-term projects. It is the most cost-effective & reliable way forward, in accelerating drug discovery as the collaboration includes providing consistent and reliable laboratory service, timely project startup and alteration to project is quick without the need to adjust a work order.

Project steps for FTE service

• Send us your projects requirements at info@chemsupport.no

• We will assemble a dedicated research team to accomplish your research goals

• Under your supervision and management, the project starts

• You will have timely project updates, meetings, or reports, as needed

• Final report and product delivery

Code of Conduct

Contractually guarantee that,

• We will take comprehensive measure to safeguard and ensure the confidentiality of all projects

• We will not take up any similar projects for any other client for a mutually agreed period of time.

• We do not accept any contracts that would affect or conflict current work in hand of our clients

• We will not sell any products that came from contractual research without the client consent